This Multi-use MUM-14 Mini Monocular can be used as:

  • Night vision device (combined with a Clip-On system or day sight)
  • Head or helmet mounted monocular (combined with a thermal imaging device/afocal lens)
  • Diving system (submersible to 20 m)
  • NVG binocular
  • Night scope (3x/5x Afocal objective lenses)
  • Intelligence tool (combined with compass, laser designator, attached to camera).


The MUM-14 Mini Monocular can utilize image intensifier tube of all generations (incl. Autogating), is powered by commercial batteries (AA or CR123) and is compatible with a wide range of mechanical interfaces/rails.

MUM-14 is used in a quantity of more than 5,000 pieces and combat-proven in missions in Afghanistan or Mali (NSN 5855160070361, KČM 0015350052009).

MUM-14 objective lens is compatible with P45 white phosphor and thermal imaging or SWIR clip-on adapters. The objective lens is suitable for Image Intensifying Tubes of a FOM up to 3000.

MUM -14 Data Sheet