Long Range Acoustic Device

Long-Range Acoustic Hailing Devices of the US LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) Corporation are in use in countries all over the world. These systems are highly effective and deployable in diverse applications including humanitarian missions, protection of critical industrial complexes and other facilities, support of police actions, border security, natural and other disasters, employment within military forces as well as alert and information systems.


Unlike conventional loudspeakers that disperse sound in all directions, LRAD acoustic hailing devices produce a concentrated beam of audio waves within a range of 15° - 30°. Advanced technology of audio information broadcasting is optimized to the primary human hearing range (1-5 kHz), which ensures every broadcast is clearly heard and understood above crowd or engine noise. Acoustic hailing devices broadcast long-range highly intelligible announcements, messages (recorded or live) or warning tones. LRAD systems provide safe yet powerful warning tones and enable long-range broadcasting of multilingual voice as well as establishing of safety zones during demonstrations. They are a safer alternative to aggressive measures like tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. LRAD’s proprietary audio technology reduces audio levels behind the device significantly which allows for a comfortable control by operator. LRAD is not a weapon as it is sometimes mistakenly called; it is a highly intelligible, long range communication system to safely broadcast messages, warnings, notifications and commands to crowds, demonstrators or sport fans during unlawful actions.

 LRAD Advantages

  •  Performance – long range, clear communication, reliable in any weather. 
  •  Flexibility – scalable, portable and available in various configurations including an IP option for remote control.
  •  Design – MIL-STD rugged design.
  •  Controls – easy to operate, reduced manpower.
  •  Force Escalation – safer and more effective alternative to non-lethal deterrents (spray, rubber bullets, tear gas). 
  •  Safety – long-range communication enhances safety of the public and operators while providing high intelligibility of announcements


LRAD Corporation offers a variety of acoustic hailing devices. LRAD 100X is a small portable device that an operator can hand carry anywhere where voice messages broadcasting is needed. Rugged and more powerful acoustic devices  are used on vehicles, vessels, helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles (LRAD 300X-RE, LRAD 450XL, LRAD 500X-RE, LRAD 1000Xi, LRAD 2000X), some of them can even be operated remotely (LRAD RXL, LRAD 1000RX).