Effictive information processing and displaying along with integration of functions of separate components are primary capabilities of C4ISTAR system. PRAMACOM-HT pays an extraordinary attention to this area and, through its development, testing and integration, delivers specific hardware and software solutions for individual applications. A base of the integration architecture is company's proprietary firmware called MyVector that includes server and web interfaces for individual types of sets and organizational levels. Into MyVector environment the individual components are integrated, most often according to a specific type of communication protocol, environment, and network layer. It results in the system-integrated data terminals supporting the operation of C4ISTAR sets with a number of connected sets within multiple communication networks. The following data terminals have been integrated into C4ISTAR sets:

  •           CF-19 rugged notebook/tablet
  •           MyVector 8 tactical imaging display
  •           tactical computer with Hub
  •          MyVector 5 tactical imaging display