VDK / VSI - Dismounted Artillery Set and Dismounted ISTAR Set

(VDK - NSN 1260160068016) (VSI – NSN 1260160070796)

Dismounted Artillery Set (VDK) and Dismounted ISTAR Set (VSI) have been designed to support artillery RECCE group (sDPz) on a level of Company Task Force (RÚU) during dismounted operations. VDK set supports target acquisition (detection) when controlling artillery fire using conventional and intelligent ammunition. It is compatible with GPS controlled artillery missiles and laser guided ammunition (STANAG 3733) and also usable with Russian intelligent ammunition or national systems. VDK set enables to acquire targets in favor of CCA and CAS at day and night even at longer range. VSI Set is fully integrated with the VDK set and supports deployment of sDPz groups on a digitized battlefield according to the NATO standards including a sophisticatd power management to achieve a maximum autonomy on the battlefield. VSI set enables to coordinate fire support with various types of unmanned aerial vehicles and with MBK and SSR TA networks. The VDK/VSI set includes the following components:  


  • TNR handheld receiver/transmitter


  •  JIM Compact acquisition unit

Target Acquisition

  • Sterna gyro angular hea
  • TLS 40 / DHY-307LSW laser rangefinder/designator

Power Management

  •  SPM-622 power manager