C4ISTAR - Intelligence

Military Intelligence combines capabilities of Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Image Intelligence (IMINT). PRAMACOM-HT focuses mainly on IMINT and HUMINT as both of them are required most for a level of dismounted forces. IMINT comprises equipment to get the image information including metadata as well as terminals providing a high-speed sharing and image exchange on the battlefield. These terminals utilize STANAG 7085 CDL (Common Data Link), TCDL (Tactical Common Data Link), and DDL (Digital Data Link). The following STANAG 7085 data link terminals have been integrated into C4ISTAR sets: 

  • ROVER 6i man-portable receiver/transmitter
  • TNR handheld receiver/transmitter
  • FMV-MM receiver

PRAMACOM-HT supports integration of STANAG 7085 data link terminals into aerial platforms including aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles:  

  • Vortex multichannel receiver/transmitter
  • CMDL receiver/transmitter
  • Bandit receiver/transmitter