RK FAC - Handheld Set for Forward Air Controller

(NSN 1265160065689)

Handheld Set for Forward Air Controller (RK FAC) has been designed for FACs (STANAG 3797) operating on level of Combat Company / Company Task Force. The RK FAC set is used in Close Combat Attack (CCA ) as well as Close Air Support (CAS) operations. When guiding conventional and intelligent ammunition, there is applied coordination by voice (STANAG 4246 – HaveQuick I/II), image (STANAG 7085 – CDL/TCDL) and data (STANAG 5516 – Link 16). Targets are acquired and designated to support conventional and intelligent ammunition guided by GPS or laser (STANAG 3733). The RK FAC set is carried in a special BAO pouch or attached to a vest. The RK FAC set includes the following components:


  • AN/PRC-161 BATS-D handheld radio
  • AN/PRC-148D IMBITR handheld radio
  • A-320V3 pocket amplifier


  • MyVector 5 tactical imaging display (TZD) 


  • TNR receiver/transmitter


  • PLRF 25C BT small laser rangefinder

Target Acquisition

  •  Rattler H laser target designator

Power Management

  • VPM-402 power manager

RK FAC set have been developed in cooperation with VTÚLaPVO.