Power Management

Power Management is a vital part of C4ISTAR systems integration. As most of the sets are man-portable or handheld, they should allow for the longest possible operation. It is essential to monitor the entire lifecycle of electrical power sources, to keep records for each battery, observe its capabilities and to check / test and, if needed, to repair the wirings / cables and connectors. PRAMACOM-HT offers a comprehensive lifecycle solution; the following power management tools have been integrated into C4ISTAR systems: 

  •  SPM-622 power Hub
  •   VPM-402 power Hub
  •  PP-8498CE/U Soldier Portable Charger
  •  compact chargers of FLEX line
  •  6-Pack APU Portable Power System
  • LiION batteries of BB-2590/U line
  • LiION batteries of ALI-130 line. 


            PRAMACOM-HT also supplies equipment for power generation from alternative sources:

  • a comprehensive solution to utilize wind and solar power in the field
  • 62 W and 124 W solar panels
  • fuel cell generators (e.g. XX55)