VK SSR TA - Sensor Surveillance Reconnaissance Target Acquisition Large Set 

(NSN 5855160070792)

Sensor Surveillance Reconnaissance Target Acquisition (VK SSR TA) Large Set has been designed to support the operation of a combat company, especially during dismounted operations. Deployment of the VK SSR TA supports situational awareness of combat company command, enables interaction with military intelligence, and supports target acquisition including deployment of micro (μUAV) and small (SUAV) unmanned aerial vehicles. The set is fully integrated, supports both voice and data communication with SSR TA specialists at the platoon level, the S-2 Combat Battalion Command and Fire Support Control Specialists (sDPz, FAC) on the level of company or battalion. The VK SSR TA set is operated by a two-member SSR TA team. VK SSR TA consists of the following components: 


  • CF-19 SSR TA rugged notebook/tablet


  • handheld receiver/transmitter of TNR datalink (STANAG 7085)


  • JIM Compact acquisition unit

Target Acquisition

  • TLS 40i handheld laser rangefinder


  • Ground Control Station GCS for μUAV/SUAV

Power Management

  •  SPM-622 power manager