C3 - Commnad, Control, Communication

Command, Control and Communication are essential capabilities of commanders on all levels. PRAMACOM-HT pays great attention to C3 when integrating the systems, tries to provide the best possible solutions, respects customer's requirements while keeping the link to the existing systems. Implementing C3 capabilities into C4ISTAR sets depends on the integration of sets with communication devices. The following communication tools have been integrated into the C4ISTAR sets: 

       AN/PRC-150(C) HF/VHF manpack radio;

       AN/PRC-117G VHF/UHF manpack radio; 

      AN/PRC-148D IMBITR handheld radio;

       A-320V3 amplifier

       ISTAR (rTRI) handheld tactical Hub;

       ISTAR (oTRI) individual tactical Hub.