PS TACP - Portable Set

(NSN 1265160065688)

PS TACP (PS TACP) Portable Set has been designed to support FACs either on a level of combat battalion or if deployed independently. The PS TACP set supports both CCA (Close Combat Attack) and CAS (Close Air Support) even when acquiring longrange targets. Targets are acquired and designated to the advantage of both conventional and intelligent ammunition guided by GPS or laser (STANAG 3733). The PS TACP is transportable and can be used on vehicles, at the deployment location or dismounted carried by four TACP FACs. If necessary, the PS TACP set works as a post for Air Force liaison officer. PS TACP set includes the following components:


  • AN/PRC-150(C) HF/VHF radio
  • AN/PRC-117G VHF/UHF radio


  • CF-19 rugged notebook / tablet


  • Rover 6i man-portable receiver / transmitter


  • JIM LR acquisition unit

Target Acquisition

  • DHY-307 laser target designator

Power Management

  • PP-8498/U universal charger
  • XX55 fuel cell generator 

The PS TACP set has been developed in cooperation with  VTÚLaPVO.