Optical Laboratory

C4ISTAR "OPTOLAB" laboratory includes 20 measuring devices split into following categories:

 • OPTOLAB-C4I (Radio Communication) 

Measuring systems for radios  (PRC-117F/G, PRC-148, PRC-150, PRC-152, ...) and STANAG 7085 receivers to test, repair and maintain C4I systems. Automated operation.

 • OPTOLAB-RS (Observation Optronics) 

Measuring systems for optronics – thermal imaging systems (SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR), night vision systems (ANVIS, NVG) or LLLTV cameras. Testing is based on STANAG 4347 / 4348 (Johnson) and USAF 1951.

 • OPTOLAB-TA (Laser Optronics)


Measuring systems for lasers - pointers, illuminators and rangefinders testing STANAG 3733, laser safety, a range of rangefinders or accuracy of optical axis alignment (e.g. of thermal imager and rangefinder).

 • OPTOLAB-BASIC (R&D and Calibration)


Spectroradiometers for visible up to distant infrared spectrum to calibrate OPTOLAB measuring devices enable certification MIL-STD 3009 NVG compatibility or infrared masking quality. 

• OPTOLAB-EDU (Simulation and Education)

Laboratory simulations enable to find out a range of thermal imaging cameras (cooled / uncooled), laser rangefinders and night vision devices under various atmospheric conditions. 

Datový list OPTOLAB