C4ISTAR - Surveillance

Surveillance includes detection, recognition and identification of targets both at day and night enabling sensory dominance of forces on the battlefield. It takes into account performance / range of surveillance and observation devices, their size as well as energy performance. Currently there are preferred integrated solutions of compact size  that can accelerate detection, recognition, identification and target acquisition, receiving target location heading, range and coordinates. Surveillance equipment is integrated into C4ISTAR systems with a particular regard to cooperation and compatibility with other C4ISTAR systems. The following  surveillance devices have been integrated into C4ISTAR:

  • JIM LR handheld acquisition unit
  • JIM Compact acquisition unit
  • TLS 40 / TLS 40i handheld laser rangefinder
  • Moskito TI handheld acquisition unit
  • PLRF 25C BT small laser rangefinder
  • multirole weapon laser.