Target Acquisition

Ability to acquire target is crucial for the effective artillery and airforce fire support  and for accurate locating of target within the military intelligence system. Most of the C4ISTAR sets have been designed to detect, locate, and designate targets to support CAS (Close Air Support) and CCA (Close Combat Attack) as well as artillery.  All C4ISTAR sets are compatible and deployable using GPS navigation equipment for PY / Y code and many enable  NATO STANAG 3733 laser guidance. Acquisition units enable target acquisition / detection and, through their activity and capabilities, support other reconnaissance devices. The following equipment for target acquisition has been integrated into C4ISTAR sets:


  •           DHY-307 manportable laser target designator
  •           DHY-307LSW manportable laser target designator
  •           Sterna gyro angular head
  •           Rattler H handheld laser designator
  •           IZLID Ultra laser target illumnator